Studio 4 – Golden Bower | Kyoto Art Center

Week 5 in the studio. I am laying out my golden bower. Most of it will be packed or discarded in preparation for my installation in the space in 3 weeks. I have felt like nothing has been achieved, so this gives me a sense of volume at the very least. Work on the spacesuit in the foreground marches on but I am not optimistic it will be finished for the open studio. I have been waiting for Yodobashi to deliver my 200 metres of hemp rope in preparation for my installation.


Juzu Buddhist Rosary Ceremony | Sekizanzen-in Temple

I was lucky enough to see this wonderful ceremony involving the burning of Buddhist Rosary beads (juzu) at the Sekizanzen-in temple. After the crowd amassed, there was chanting and stoking of the fire by the temple monks. The amount of beads presented seemed endless as the monks continued to top up the pile with fresh handfuls from new bags. Kneeling in front of the fire, a prayer was first said before beads were then cast into the fire and another prayer of thanks given. First the monks, in order of seniority, presented their beads and prayers to the fire, followed by identically suited men, and finally members of the public gave their own prayers.

Golden air: video studies of air and space

The first few weeks of my residency have seen me absurdly tossing space blankets around the studio capturing video. The idea of capturing some memory of the air in time and space often puts my body in relation to these spectral golden forms.


Vice-Chancellor’s College Artist Fellows Scheme 2013

I have been awarded one of six fellowships in the first year of a unique series of fellowships at The Australian National University. I am grateful for the support and the opportunity to work with Dr Russell A Barrow, Organic Chemistry of Natural Systems, Research School of Chemistry, and Dr Tim Brook in the School of Computer Science.

Supported by funding from the Vice-Chancellor, this innovative five year Scheme is the first of its kind in an Australian University, and demonstrates the high regard in which visual arts and practice-led research is held at the ANU. It aims to promote collaborative research between disciplines in the University and provide opportunities for developing future trans-disciplinary ARC funded projects in which practice-led research and creative design logic would be embedded.

via Vice-Chancellor’s College Visiting Artist Fellows Scheme – School of Art – ANU.